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HTC Vive Focus

January 6, 2019


HTC Vive Focus

Simple all-in-one solution for enterprise

HTC VIVE Focus offers a seamless premium VR experience right out of the box. No tethered PC, external base stations, nor sensors required—just instant wireless VR with nothing to hold you back! It features high-resolution 3K AMOLED screens, Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 835 processing, world-scale 6DOF tracking with a 110° field of view.

True to its name, enabling Kiosk Mode on the HTC VIVE Focus limits access to apps and navigation, allowing you to focus on the VR content and turning it into a powerful, portable fixed-purpose device.

Things to love about the HTC VIVE Focus

One of the key advantages of the HTC VIVE Focus is its out-of-box capabilities. Being a standalone device, users with less than ample space can easily experience VR without the need for additional hardware. This also means that you can take your VR adventure everywhere with you, without being tethered to a single place.

What’s more is its affordability. The HTC VIVE Focus offers a high-quality VR experience, with best-in-class graphics, sound, and room-scale tracking without breaking the bank—it’s the perfect option for wading in enterprise VR at an affordable price.

Areas the HTC VIVE Focus can improve on

The drawback with most standalone VR headsets is that it has limitations compared to headsets that are tethered to a PC, and the HTC VIVE Focus is no exception.

Graphic quality and overall performance may get sluggish, but not so much as to compromise the VR experience.

Additionally, while the HTC VIVE Focus has comfortable head straps and support, it’s quite front-heavy, which causes a noticeable strain on the neck with prolonged usage.

Overall, the HTC VIVE Focus is a decent entry-level VR gear that packs a punch, but not good enough to ever replace higher-end VR headsets.

For more information, visit https://enterprise.vive.com/us/vivefocus/.

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